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Combi Boiler, Regular Boiler or System Boiler: Which One?

Need a new boiler for your home? It is important you make sure you know which is right for your home. Your boiler will be a huge part of your life for up to the next ten years, so it needs to be one that meets all of your needs. 

Condensing boilers

All new boilers are required by law to be condensing, as it is a much more efficient way for boilers to operate. They reuse heat that would otherwise be wasted, by condensing steam before it is lost. As it is more efficient, it is better for the environment and cheaper for you to run- so everyone wins! Every type of boiler will now be condensing, including all of the following...

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers require the most components of the three, as they need two water tanks and a storage cylinder. Your storage cylinder needs to be well insulated, to avoid any heat loss that may occur through storing hot water. They are best suited to homes with a lot of space, due to the number of components required.

System boilers

System boilers could be seen as a good middle ground between conventional and combi boilers. They are ideal for homes that require a lot of hot water but don’t have the space for the components required for a conventional boiler. They still need a storage cylinder, so the same rules apply with insulation, but they only require one water tank.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are perfect for smaller homes that have a lower demand for hot water. They operate directly from mains pressure, heating water as and when you need it. This makes them very efficient and great for homes with a low demand for hot water. They do require you to have good mains pressure, as this is what they rely on.

Need a new boiler in Hazel Grove?

We install a range of new boilers across Hazel Grove, Bramhall, Davenport, Stockport and Manchester. Have you decided which boiler meets your needs the best? Or are you still unsure? Either way, our team are happy to help you out! Simply get int ouch today and we will see what we can do to help you out! To get in touch, give us a call on 01614565661. You can also check out our contact form or email us at info@68heating.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can! We hope to hear from you soon.