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How to Keep Your Boiler in Good Condition

Keeping your boiler in good condition is the key if you want it to last as long as possible. Replacing your boiler is a big cost that no one enjoys splashing out on, so you need to make sure you know some simple boiler maintenance tips. Keep reading to find out how you should care for your boiler, to help it to last as long as possible.

Check your boiler pressure

When everything is running smoothly, your boiler pressure will be between 1 and 1.5 bar. It should not drop below this, so you will need to top it up when necessary, using the instructions from your manufacturer. If it often drops below, you may need to get your boiler repaired. Our team will be more than happy to come and take a look for you, so get in touch today if needed!

Bleed your radiators

If there are cold spots on your radiators, you may need to bleed them. Cold spots are caused by trapped air and bleeding them is the best way to remove this air. Having healthy radiators prevents your boiler from working harder than it has to in order to heat your home, which can hel0p it to last much longer.

Lag your pipes

The outdoor pipes for your boiler have the potential to freeze over and even burst in the winter. to prevent this, you need to lag them with ready-made pipe lagging. This is available at a small cost from any DIY shop and can be slipped on in minutes.

Service your boiler

Servicing your boiler every year is the key to keeping it healthy. This is the best way to keep it running smoothly as possible, as it keeps it clean and efficient. It is also the best way to spot any little problems before they get the chance to build up, as we can repair them before they lead to a breakdown. Book your annual service today with our team!

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